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Fanny Pack for Campers/Trekkers

Fanny Pack for Campers/Trekkers
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Model: FA021
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Contains: 1 roll of plasters (5 mts x 1.25 cms) - 1 package of 10 standard plasters-  2 sterile gauze compresses (18 cms x 40 cms) - 1 pair of scissors -  1 pair sterile nylon forceps -  1 elastic bandage (4.5 mts x 5 cms) – 1 flat tourniquet - 2 sterile ambidextrous gloves made of copolymer, on paper backing, packaged singularly  – medium size -  2 rapid action disinfectant sachets  -  2 sachets with ammonia for insect bites -  1 instant ice pack in non-woven textile  -  1 tick remover with magnifying lens -  1 isothermal blanket (gold/silver) -  1 information page with instructions for use of each component.

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Fanny Pack for Campers/Trekkers
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